Hello & Welcome!

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work. I'm excited you're here! My name is Janet and I'm married to my love, Joshua. We were married in 2011 on October 15th, but have been together for 12 years. Yes, that's right, we are that weird couple that still celebrates our dating anniversary! We are fur-parent's to 2 of the sweetest pit bulls: Zeus & Emilia.

By day, I'm a Financial Analyst for a large company, and have been with the same company since college. Despite my love for numbers and spreadsheets, I'm also a creative person, who loves all things beautiful and pays attention to details, details, details! In 2015, I found the courage to go forward and share my love and excitement for photography by starting up my boutique stylized photography business; and now specialize in Products for Brands, Creative Entrepreneurs/Bloggers, & High School Senior Portraiture.

I am so happy to have finally found the confidence in my images to allow myself to venture out and help others capture their passion & life's celebrated milestones. Collaborating with other creatives is my favorite, especially if we are photographing their handmade products, or a business they have worked really hard to build. High School Seniors are another favorite with stylized shoots, props, and just a full on fashion show, it's my happy place.

High School Seniors!

I accidentally fell into HS Senior photography, when my sweet friend Jackie, who I have known since High School, invited me to attend a stylized workshop in Galveston, near my hometown. I had photographed a few seniors by then, but was still trying to find my niche. It was there after meeting such great photographers, sweet models, and just a fun day of dress up and photos, was I hooked! I didn't realize how much fun I would have during these sessions and how much my creativity just goes on when it comes to stylized shoots and ideas. I love working with Seniors who want something different from standard studio photos, can just go with the flow, and have fun in dressing up! I've been really lucky to have clients who are just so excited to work with me, and I with them. Together we've been able to come up with exciting stylized shoots and best of all, just have FUN! It's a professional photo shoot, a time to get glammed up and be YOU at your very best!! Let's face it, it's your last year before you leave your family's abode,  these might be the last canvases that are up on their wall until your wedding day! Think about that one for a bit. ;)



Josh & I have been taking professional anniversary photos since our very first engagement session. I had so much fun at this shoot, and decided we needed to keep that up as a tradition. Thankfully, my husband obliges and has being doing so since 2010! While most folks follow the normal trend of investing in professional photos for engagement, wedding, and then all about the kids, I feel we always forget to ensure we take photos of just the two us. Remember, your family started with JUST the two of you, and as you evolve and grow with kiddos & pets, remember to celebrate each other and capture great photos of JUST the two of you. At the end of all my family shoots, I always try to take the last few mins to get photos of just mom & dad. I always get, "oh my gosh, thank you for those of just me and 'significant other', we haven't taken a photo of just the two of us in I don't know how long...." :) Feedback and compliments like this are the REASON I strive for these moments, and you should too! Heck, why not just schedule an anniversary shoot with me and find out for yourself! You'll be bringing back up old memories of where it all started and ignite those "butterfly" moments all over again!

Remember the old blog, October Soirée?

If you're new, you should know this website first started out being called, "October Soirée" and it was just that, a blog. I thought it would be my outlet for my creativity, but shortly after starting my blog, my sister-in-law asked me to take their family photos, and I did. Only after that session, there was something in my heart that spoke to me and said, "this is what you need to do!" and Janet R Cave Photography was born! While I intend to continue to blog, and pick up the pace, this is also my photography platform. 

Why October Soirée? Well, I absolutely love October because it's the beginning's of all things fall around here in Texas. We got married in October, and to me, it's the start of the best holiday season's coming. I get to take out all my decorations for the Fall & Halloween, and then it lead's you right into November with Thanksgiving and December for Christmas!! I'm also a fan of most thing's French, and a lover of gatherings in my home that i get to decorate for and host, therefore, soirée came to mind. Now you know. :)