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Hello October!

The day September weather teased me! ;)

The day September weather teased me! ;)

October is here!!! I'm so excited, because it means fall is coming.... or in some places outside of Texas, it's already here. It's pretty hot here in Dallas, and we are supposedly going to get a cool front coming in tonight, that will get us into the 60's. We shall see. The weather teased me in September, with some rain and 62 degree weather, but later went right back up to the 80's low 90's. 

Yummy! I got it at Kroger!

Yummy! I got it at Kroger!


Other reasons's for loving October, and why I have October within the name of this blog are, red wines are so much better enjoyed in the fall. I love me some reds, but it's just too hot in the summer! October also starts the kickoff of my favorite holiday's and we have our wedding date stamped in the middle of the month. My favorite holiday's are Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Lovely how they come in month after month. I love decorating our house and every year, the amount of stuff I buy to decorate with, means more storage bins needed. eek! :) Christmas decorations have a whole section dedicated to them in our attic, but I feel they aren't overwhelming either. It needs to be classic and festive, but not too fussy. I don't want my house to look like hobby lobby location #2 in my town is at my house. The best part about this year's holiday season is that I actually get to enjoy it! For the past 6 years, I've had a job where I had to work every month end, quarter end, and end of the year closing's. Which means limited time spent with family and lots of stress to ensure we close out well. It was totally ok, as accountants and those working closely with money, it's expected, plus I'm so used to it by now. Even my family knows and we've developed timelines around it over the years. This year, not so much! So it will be interesting to be able to enjoy the moments without the added stress.

Our 3 year anniversary is coming up, and Josh already has a surprise for us. I'm anxious to see what it is! I have to work my surprise, but I'm excited he's excited about it. We normally go big for our dating anniversary which is March, as it holds the actual time frame on how long we've been together, which at this point we are at 8.5 years! However, with our love for the fall and all things that come after, we decided to get married in October. Maybe I'll do a wedding post on our anniversary with some of our favorite photo's. 

I'll be heading over to Central Market this weekend to pick up my gourdes and pumpkin's for decorating. I'll be sure to share my decorations. This weekend, I have a 5k at night with dazzling lights and glow in the dark fun. I'm excited about this walk/run, but more importantly, I'm excited that I've been working really hard the last month to get myself into better shape so that I'm able to do these types of things without dying or passing out at the end. I have signed up for another in November, most likely will be doing one in December, and then the Hot Chocolate race is in February, where I intend to jog the whole way! Wish me luck! 

Tonight, I'm off to the Katy Perry concert. Some girl's at work found some cheap ticket's earlier today, and we are off! So excited!!

Busy October....

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