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Pintrest Win or Fail: Breakfast Bites

Pintrest Win or Fail: Breakfast Bites

Hello again! I'm sorry I've been away for awhile, it was not my intention to get so excited on starting a blog, writing a few posts, and then leave ya hanging. I had some back pain come up that had me resting a lot and seeing 2 doctor's in one week! I'm doing well now, very well. I cannot feel the pain and am working with a physical therapist on some pelvic adjustments. More on that topic later.

Today's post is about these Breakfast Bites I decided to try and replicate this pin from Pintrest. The idea of a little time spent in the kitchen for some quick healthy breakfast alternatives outside of my normal go-to Chobani yogurt cups, sounded like a plan. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of breakfast. I'm getting better as I'm getting older to ensure I eat something, but everyone that's so excited to eat eggs in the morning just grosses me out. I'm not a huge fan of eggs unless they are scrambled and they are either coated in cheese, a meat, or a carb. I basically cannot eat them alone. yuck! I'm also not a huge fan of sweet's, so sweet pancakes with sweet syrup slathered all over them also makes me as equally sick. Don't get me wrong, I'll indulge in some sweets every now and then, especially if they are petite pastries that are just too cute to pass up, but it's only ever a few bits. Josh on the other hand LOVES sweets, and would the happiest guy on the planet if I was to ever turn into that girl who decides to order dessert first. Yes, I know, I totally LOOK the part of someone who just LOVE sweets, but I promise you, I'm not. I'm more of a pasta/cheese/bread kind of gal. I swear I'm supposed to be of Italian decent, not Mexican. I digress.

So naturally, I decided to take pictures of this whole process and give you my thoughts. The original post didn't exactly give measurements as to how much of each of ingredient you needed, so I just kinda eyeballed it. 

I didn't have any tater tots, but I did have these frozen potato cubes my dad gave me, they are so perfect and already cut up. He buys many bulk items that are usually only sold to restaurants, but is allowed to partake in this buying every so often. He basically has the hook up.  Anyway, I put those in the oven for about 30 mins on 375 degrees. I didn't want to crisp them up too much as I wanted them to be mush-able for the muffin tin base. 

I continued as the directions stated and magically found a cup small enough to smash the potatoes. I was surprised, as the cup she used seemed appropriate for kids, which I do not have, so I was sure I didn't have anything to fit. I surprise myself all the time, especially in my own kitchen as I tend to buy a lot of kitchen items...... :)

Don't judge me on the back splash or counter's, the house was this way when I bought it. Don't worry, it makes me cringe too, but the thought of remodeling is still under debate. 

I had some red and green bell pepper's in the freezer, hence why my board is so wet. They were fairly normal size and I had about 3/4 left of each, so I chopped them all up. I was able to find some ham at target and some frozen turkey sausage. Again, not knowing how much of each to cut up, I eyeballed it. I would say, I ended up with about 1 1/2 cups of each. 6 Turkey sausage links and 2 slices of the ham from the package shown earlier.

Mixed up my 8 eggs with a splash of milk (as per the original post). Here's where I added some salt and pepper to the mix, like I normally would when making scrambled eggs. 

Poured in the egg mixture using a 2 cup measuring cup. I didn't whisk my eggs in my measuring cup originally as I was afraid they wouldn't fit, but they did fit, just like the original post. And it actually ended up being the perfect amount of eggs. Sprinkled on some cheddar cheese, because I cannot eat eggs without cheese. Yes, it's shredded Megan, sorry about that. :)

Note, I decided to take a picture of what was left on my board after filling in the cups. As you can see my eyeballing isn't so good, but better more than not enough is what I say!

Popped them into a 375 degree oven, for 20 mins. The original post said 350 degrees, oops!

And, voilà!

It surprised me when I was taking them out of the oven as they were large and puffy like muffins, but they slowly started to settle after cooling down for a bit. 

They were perfectly cooked all the way through, no runny eggs and stayed compacted. I was very surprised with the outcome. 

Hubby Approves!

Hubby Approves!

Case in point, we each ate our serving. The only thing I would say is these needed a bit more flavoring, maybe even a little kick. Hubby and I discussed other options and decided next time we will eat it with a little hot sauce, or maybe I can add in a little bit of jalapeño to the mix. I said I could have used some toast and made a breakfast sandwich, but that's typical of me. I seriously think it derives from my Mexican background, throw it in a tortilla or some bread to make it easier to eat. lol. Overall, I'd say it was a WIN! I hope you get to try it out someday and let me know what you think or what you did to make it a bit more flavorful. 

au revoir!



Thanks to Kristen from http://www.ellaclaireinspired.com/ for these lovely breakfast bites.

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