Family Photos

I'm finding I really enjoy taking family photos. It's always really scary for me, because in most cases, I have to focus on several people and make sure everyone is looking at the camera, at the very least. So I am always so nervous and am praying I at least get one good photo. & yet, each session, I'm so surprised at how they turned out. Always much better than I imagined. I had the chance of photographing this lovely family a few weeks back. Rain had us reschedule once, and then the day of, it looked like rain was coming again. However, we made it out there and took some photos just before the sprinkles. We got this amazing looking sky and it was just heaven when the sun came out to play. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. 

Remember to take the time to capture family photos every now and again. It's a good way to show how times change over the years, and the ability to treasure those moments that once were. Happy Sunday!



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