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My very first engagement shoot!

My very first engagement shoot was in early July, and it was all around exciting and beautiful. Just look at those smiles, and that ring!? Gorgeous!! Despite the intense heat, and the two hour drive these two made to come see me, they lit up for the camera because that's just what love does, it makes you light up and radiate joy.

The love these two have for each other is so beautiful to watch and I'm so honored they chose me to capture this moment, and even more, they've asked me to photograph their wedding day in October!! You heard me right, a wedding, and it will be my very first, and it's in OCTOBER!! Best month, ever!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to take that next step into the photography world. It was a very bold decision as I'm not even sure I'm ready for such a large moment, but something inside of me said, "jump!" Until then, I'm soaking up as much knowledge as I can from fellow photographers and am praying I do a good job. In some respects, I feel as though this is it, this is what I was looking for when it comes to working with my creative side. You see, while I'm a numbers crunching kind of gal by day, I've always wanted to work in an industry that's all about using your creativity. I actually considered once being a party planner, or wedding planner. lol, but then I remembered I don't have patience when it comes to someone who may change their mind a thousand times before the big day is here, and that wouldn't be good for me or the person getting married, so scratch that idea. Weddings are somewhat of a magical thing for me, I love love, but I also LOVE weddings! I've been infatuated with weddings since I was a little girl, and even though my big day has come and gone, I'm still an avid follower of the many, many wedding blogs and photographers I adore and love. As a photographer, it seems it might be a bit more of a better fit seeing as a good photographer is a big asset to getting the timeline setup and ensuring they are capturing what the bride and groom paid for, but also having that control to ensure it goes the way it should, because after all, photographers are/should be more experienced, hopefully, than the bride and groom who's doing this for the first time. Who knows, but that's my thought process right, and it's also pretty late. :) Maybe someday I'll be one of those great wedding photographers, but for now I'm taking it one step at a time and seeing where the road and the light takes me. Wish me luck! For now, enjoy this engagement shoot. May it bring a smile to your day!

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