A Birthday Celebration for Luz & Farai

Two of my closest friend's, Luz & Farai share the same birthday and wow are they opposites, but they have a bond that goes deep. As Farai lives in California now, we don't get to see her that often, so it was a treat she was in town for her birthday and we took full advantage. Luz really wanted a  relaxing day out on White Rock Lake to have lunch and enjoy the breeze. We did just that, only I brought some balloons to turn it into a mini photo shoot and we had a blast! I had been working a ton that week and didn't have time to shop, so I thought, "hey! why not give the girls photos of this fun day," and it was so worth it!


Farai currently lives in California and is making life happen for her. She's following her dream and keeping up the hustle to work within the movie business and is doing well in my opinion. I tell her all the time when she becomes rich and famous not to forget us little Texas girls. She always laughs and says she won't, so I'll be sure to hold her to it. ;)

Luz is giver and a soul sista. There's just something about her that makes you want to be her friend. She has strong values and is true to herself and those who are close to her. She puts up with nothing and knows how to have a good time. I admire her in so many ways and continue to cheer her on as life takes us on roads that are sometimes so similar, yet different. 

Happy Birthday my dear friends! Cheers to you and another year. May you have a blessed year filled with lots of love, pizza, and happiness! heehee

The rest of the photos are from the glorious day at the park with our friend Cristina and Luz's son. Enjoy!