Maternity Shoot - Dallas Arboretum

I had such a lovely time photographing my friend and co-worker, Nicole. Ever did she know she was 12 days away from having little miss Lauren, as she was scheduled to arrive on 3/5, but instead made her debut on 3/2! Nicole was so excited about this shoot, and so was I, she was glowing! Despite the sun not wanting to come out and play that day, we still got some gorgeous shots! Shooting at the arboretum on the weekend is always such a challenge, but I love it. Trying to get the photo, without someone in the background to make it feel like your own personal garden, or just trying not to be in the way of others, eek! It's always interesting. Overall, I love going there and I love how it's familiar, and yet can make photos feel so different with some slight changes from what you might have done last time. If you're up for a trip to the beautiful Dallas Arboretum, or want to wait until the spring or fall (my personal fav), contact me. I promise, you won't get the same ol' run of the mill photos that everyone else gets there.

Thank you Nicole for being a trooper and laying in the middle of the concrete floor to get some of the shots, I think it was worth it. heehe. :) <33 u!