Mother's Day Brunch - Neiman Marcus Mariposa

Oh what a wonderful time we had! If you've never been to the Neiman Marcus Mariposa restaurant, you're totally missing out! I went once a long time ago with a friend who introduced me to the place. I fell in love and promised myself I'd go back. Well, I kept forgetting to go there for lunch and received an email from them reminding me to make Mother's Day plans. I thought to myself, that's perfect, I would LOVE to take my mom there! And so, a few clicks away and reservations were made with what I thought was a set 4 course menu. I wasn't a huge fan of what was on the menu provided, but figured, it's all about the event and scenery, I'll be fine. 

Well, to my surprise, it was a magical and gorgeous setup of a large selection of brunch items you always dreamed about. They had long rows of white linen covered tables with all sorts of dishes; pastas, salads, eggs benedict, an omelet station, a carving station with ham with optional whole seed mustard, prime rib and a side of horseradish. Yum! It was gorgeous and in classic Neiman Marcus style, they left no detail behind. Have I mentioned the desserts?! Oh goodness, another long row of tables filled with all sorts of goodies from cakes, croissants, muffins, creme brulee, you name it, they had it! It was all so delicious and we've decided we want to make it a yearly tradition! We spent a good 1.75 hours there that day. Just chatting, catching up, sharing memories of her mom. We had a bit of both happy and sad tears. We people watched, tried all sorts of goodies, and took lots of photos! It was so good and I was soaking up every bit of it, because my mom is truly the best. 

& of course, I cannot forget to talk about the service! Impeccable! Upon my reservation via opentable, I requested a table by the windows to ensure I got the best natural light for photos. They called me to confirm my reservation and noted my request without my asking. And to make more of an effort to meet my request, they called me the day before to ask if I could move up my reservation a tad so I could be sure to have the best seating for light. I totally agreed, and was so glad we did, I felt like rockstars getting there early with the 'in-crowd.' Our server was so sweet and allowed us to take our time, I mean, 1.75 hours? lol ;)

My mom was in total heaven and kept thanking me, but really, she doesn't need to thank me, I thank her for being the best mom anyone could ever ask for. She's a gorgeous sweetheart, an optimist, and always smiling. I love her so much and am so happy she's my mom. Cheers!


Of course we needed to start with Mimosa's! & if you've never tried their signature popovers with their strawberry jam butter, oh honey, you're soooo missing out! This right here is the bees knees!