Plano West Senior - Grayson || Frisco & Legacy West

You guys!!! Hello! Hi! Hola! How are you? Thanks for sticking around if you’re still here. I’ll have to do a personal blog post soon on where I've been, but for now, I’m dying to share this session I did with Grayson from Plano West High School. Grayson is a natural in front of the camera and having been away my photography for surgery and recovery, this was the PERFECT shoot to help motivate and bring back my excitement in photography again. We took these one early September morning and it was glorious. We originally had Downtown McKinney on the list, but the business woman in me forgot to ensure it wouldn’t be in use for a weekend festival, since that place is always hopping. Well, of course with my luck, it was literally fenced in. I believe it was October-fest. After discussing with mom, dad, and Grayson, we decided to head to Frisco, but we for sure always had Legacy West on the list and I LOVED how this session turned out. 

I got so many compliments from friends and photog friends who saw the final product. Some thought we were at a styled condo, or downtown Dallas. Nope, this was just taken on a store patio, Frontgate. They were new in town and were excited to let us snap a few pics. We were there for about 5 mins because I didn’t want to interrupt their shoppers, so I made it count! I LOVE these photos. Grayson, can we do another shoot, just cause? 😎