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My love for all things, Ina Garten

Ina's newest cookbook!

Ina's newest cookbook!

I've always been interested in many things, math & science, general crafts, photography, scrap booking, card making, calligraphy, newly into burlap banner making only because I didn't like any of the ones I saw online when I was getting married and thought, "I can make that myself," but also really into food & wine! Let's not ever forget the wine. Let's channel back to when Janet was about 12. I would check out books from the library on how to make...... whatever looked exciting on the cover, yes I used to judge, or how to cook ____.  I learned a lot through those books. I did well with some things and not so well with others. Like burnt eggs are disgusting and how I can't even eat them alone, let alone stand the smell. I also learned that some places outside of Texas had these seasons called "Fall" & "Winter" where you could decorate your house all pretty with pumpkins and golden leaves falling, and in the winter you'd have snow. Being from Southeast Texas, we never really got any of that, so thanks, "Better Homes and Garden" for showing me the pretties in life. Step forward from that 12 year old girl, to the 20 year old Janet. I was living in Austin and only working, not going to school for that semester. Lets just say, it was a weird time in my life.

Anyway, during my free time when I wasn't working, I was hanging out with friends, but mostly watching Food Network on the daily. I wouldn't MISS my shows for the world. Mostly Giada and Ina. I resonated with Giada at first because her stuff, at the time, seemed easier to make, and I LOVE Italian food. However, her current explorations in food and weird dishes on her latest shows are a little too out there for me. On the other hand, I had Ina. Ina's stuff always looked classic, or how she would say, "amazing" and in some cases far fetched. I mean, where is a girl living pay check to pay check, in Austin, TX going to get truffle oil, fresh parm, prosciutto, or fresh lobster from? Even if I could find it, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford it. However, the cooking skills I learned by watching these shows have stayed with me all this time. Being able to show someone how to properly cut an onion, peel a garlic clove, make your own caesar dressing, or explain what antipasto meant, made me cool. Not to mention, I was so INTO cookware! That part is still with me as well, I have almost every gadget imaginable.

Recently, I've been getting her cookbooks, now that I can afford them. Before, I was searching food network's website for recipes and printing them at school! :) I am now a lover of places like Dean & Deluca, Central Market, Whole Foods, Sur La Table, Le Creuset and Williams Sonoma, where I can find the best ingredients, and the best cookware. Like Ina, I also have my fair share of very attractive, flamboyant, man-friend's who share my love for food, wine, all things lovely, love to taste my delicious recipes and have cocktails with me, amongst other things. I only wish I can find a fantastic florist and I'd be set!

Ina has taught me a lot growing up. I appreciate that she's always showing us the most fantastic things in the Hamptons, but also doesn't mind licking a batter bowl, having "just a taste," or using bread as your utensil. I love her passion for cooking, and all her tips to allow us at home, to recreate the same recipes. Her cookbook before the most recent one Foolproof, gives so many of her favorites and very easy recipes. I cannot wait to see what the new one has in store. Upon opening it up for this picture, I found she has dog treats. Ina, you know me well. Thank you for being a role model in some areas of my life and for showing me the pretty & delicious things I "must try."

I'll be taking this book with me this weekend while on Thanksgiving holiday with my family in Houston, and marking up recipes to try for Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and eat lots of Turkey, or cranberry sauce, or whatever makes you swoon for Thanksgiving.

Interested in where you can find this mug? Check out my favorite local mug artist,  Grey Skies Blue  on Etsy!

Interested in where you can find this mug? Check out my favorite local mug artist, Grey Skies Blue on Etsy!

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