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News Alert: Janet is a Photographer & My First Senior Pic Photoshoot

I'm so excited to finally announce I've decided to venture into the photography business! I love photography, and I have so much to learn and work on. However, to have folks tell me I have great photos, and even better, have asked ME to take pictures of them, well that just makes me feel so honored & absolutely giddy inside!

I've always loved photography, and ever since I can remember, I've always had a camera on me. I think a lot of it has stemmed from my mama, who is constantly taking pictures with her point and shoot, and did with her 35mm film camera. I remember when we were younger, we'd go to Eckerd's to go pick up our photos and see them all right there, before even leaving the store! The excitement to see all the photos captured of a day, that most likely was a celebration, it was always a treat.

I've since evolved from 35mm film camera's, disposables, point and shoots, and jumped right into a Canon EOS7D. & I love it...today! I made the large purchase a few years ago and was very excited. I practiced on a few things, and I did 1 family photo shoot, and it was fun. Then I slowly lost patience learning all there was to know about my camera and just put it down for almost 1.5 years. Earlier this year, I picked it backed up and started putting out the word I was looking for subjects. My sister-in-law asked me if I would take some pretty important family pictures of her family. I was excited about the offer, but nervous because I knew how important this shoot was for her. After that session, I remember getting back into Josh's car and the first thing he tells me is, "you did good babe." It was the perfect moment as I was feeling overwhelmed, excited, and yet calm thinking, I did do good, and how lucky would I be if I decided to do this on the side for others. Then I thought, I CAN DO THIS! After that shoot, I did some of our dogs for our Christmas cards, will post those next. Afterwards, my aunt asked me if I would take some senior photos of my cousin, shown in this post. I am loving my pictures, but I know I have so much more work to do, so I can be even better. I wish I could show you my sister-in-law's photo shoot, but the kids are in the process of being adopted from the current foster situation, so until that's finalized, I cannot show off the pics. One day, if it's on God's plan. :)  

For now, I'll share the rest of my favorites from this shoot. 

New Year :: Cheers to 2015!

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