Senior Destination Shoot: Galveston, TX

I stumbled upon this workshop via a social media posting from my good friend Jackie from Jackie Sue Photography. Jackie and I attended the same high school and is an amazing photographer! They needed a few more people to ensure it was going to happened, and considering not a lot of cool and inexpensive workshops happen around here in Texas, I decided, why not!? They called it a Senior Destination "Shootout." So you had to know your camera, because it was not a workshop to learn how to use your camera, it was a day full of all the good stuff, just taking pictures of gorgeous 2016 senior girls, who are all dolled up, hair, makeup, outfits curated, and the best part, they are just your normal, everyday, girl-next-door-girls. That means, I can take what I learned from this day and use that for my next senior shoot! So I emailed Kelly who was one of the host photographers that would be coming down from Minnesota to get this little party started. She was super sweet and after stalking her work for a few days, I was HOOKED!! She and Angie, the second host are amazing at their craft and I was going to have a full day of doing nothing but shooting along side of them and picking their brain. Just getting to know some awesome photographers in the world of Senior Photography, I can say was the BEST money spent to date. Not only did I get AMAZING photos, but I met some of the best photographers who were so kind to me being the newest kid on the block, especially in this particular market, but they were also some of the most sweetest girls EVER! From the host photographers, to the other photographers who also came to join in on the fun, the models, hair and makeup team, it was a full day of just fun, fun, fun! I had a blast, and these pictures are just some of my best work yet! I cannot wait to show you part II.