Senior Destination Shoot Series: Galveston, TX B&W

Black & White Photography is something I absolutely love. If I could, I would turn all my photos black and white, but I know I would burn myself out on it, so I don't want to do too much of a good thing. So I only convert to B&W when I have to or know when the moment is just right! I just love how B&W photos can evoke emotions and speak volumes with just 2 colors. I've never shot with B&W film, but it is on my bucket list to do so. I can sometimes take a shot and visualize how gorgeous it's going to look in black and white. With these photos of Morgan, along with that outfit, hair, and makeup!, I just knew a few of these had to be turned into black and white, and I'm so proud of them. So proud because I remember taking these specific shots that day and already visualizing EXACTLY what I wanted them to look like post processing, and I nailed it! I wanted these to be more old school "B&W" where you have that almost gray tones, but be sharp and not filmy/grainy. Like how you wish some older photos would be so could see the details. I'm in love with these photos, as well as many others as you saw earlier from this day. There are PLENTY more to come, but I thought I'd start with these.

Makeup by Emile & Hair by Christine