Senior Destination Shoot Series: Galveston, TX - Cali Beach Inspired Shoot!

When I arrived to the Sea Wall at around 8:30 am  for our Senior shoot, on a windy, chilly, 66 degrees Saturday (chilly for this Texan girl), I thought to myself, "Gee, I wonder what the models are going to wear, I wanted to wear flip-lflops and now I'm too cold to do so!" Sure enough, they showed up in cutoff's, tanks, flip-flops, and even sunglasses! They had the outfit and accessories, which I was so proud of. I'm ALL about the little details!!!  I thought, "Wow, these girls are troopers, and just on point! I'm definitely in for a fun, go-with-the-flow type day!" And it was just like that!

Morgan and Mahli (2 of our models), showed up first with Kelly and Angie (our host photographers). All 4 of them are from Minnesota, and to them, 66 degrees wasn't too bad. Coming in from snowy weather just the day before, they didn't mind the windy or cool breeze. Then our Texas models, Caroline & Mercy showed up next. I was able to meet some other fantastic High School Senior Photographers from Louisiana to Houston: Jackie from Jacklyn Photography. my friend Jackie from Jackie Sue Photography, Ling from Ling Wang Photography, Kelly from Kelly Klatt Photography, Angie from Lina Bell Photos, & Cheryl Tamcke from Houston, & Makeup by Emile, Hair by Christine.

Soon after we met and discussed plans, we walked down to the water and camera's were out, models were doing their thing, and it was amazing. It was so great to be able to get the shots you wanted, work along side some talented photographers, and just do the fun stuff of the job, take pictures! I had no stress about what these photos were going to look like, if the model was getting bored of me, if I was in someone's way, it was glorious! I wish I could do this as my full time job, that would be AMAZING! 

Enough chit-chat Janet! Let's get to the pictures!!