DFW Senior Shootout

Afraid of the rain or clouds on the day of your photo shoot? Don't be!! The clouds can be amazing if we are shooting outdoors and the sun is willing to still give us bright, even light behind those clouds. That's what I stumbled upon during a recent shoot with the DFW Senior Shootout crowd. The results? AMAZING!!!

I was lucky enough to attend the DFW Senior Shootout this year after getting to know one of the hosts, Misti from Pinkfly Photo. I took Misti's workshop earlier this year, and after that amazing workshop, decided I am going to specialize in High School Senior Photography. Since then, I've been a busy bee both with my day job and doing shoots on the weekends. I have much to share, but for now, here's what I captured earlier this week at the shootout. 

Want to see a little behind the scenes and a few other photos?