Jenni - Bridals at The Vineyard in Florence, TX

When Jenni asked if I would take her bridal portraits, I jumping over the moon at the opportunity. Why? Let's see, she's amazingly gorgeous, super sweet, it would be my first full bridal shoot, and bonus, the backdrop was a beautiful vineyard just a few minutes outside of Austin where she'd be getting married soon. Heck yeah, sign me up! Oh, and she wanted to also have her parents come since we were both already making the trip. Yep, that's right, I travel for you! Why? Por Que No? :)

When she decided I would be the photographer, I was literally doing a little happy dance in my kitchen when I read the email. I LOVE all things weddings, no seriously, I still follow a TON of wedding blogs and sites since we got married 5 years ago! & while I would LOVE to be a wedding photographer, I just don't have the bandwidth to do it full time and my day job, but maybe someday! :) As a person who is all about the details, with wedding styling that's what it's all about, details, details, details! Knowing Jenni was a person of details and wouldn't leave anything out, I was in heaven. We went back and forth on poses, what she was bringing and shouldn't be bringing, where we were going to meet, just details! Therefore, while it wasn't the actual wedding day, I made sure to work like it WAS the big day. I made sure to get those little things we work so hard to ensue we get for the big day, but can easily be forgotten during the rush of it all. Most of all, I wanted Jenni to be comfortable, relaxed, and just enjoy the day of a fun photo shoot. 

We decided to do a mock day of getting ready type setup. It easily brought emotions and tears of joy. See those tears from her lovely Mama? Those were not fake at all. Later, we wandered the grounds I had already scouted before they arrived, and it was magic. I had the golden sunset at the very end that just allowed for the perfect evening, for the most perfect bride. I do consider myself very lucky to have been chosen, for this shoot, and am so thankful for the opportunity. I knew the importance of these photos, so I wanted to make sure it was a job well done both for her and for my business. Taking photos isn't just a side gig or even a hobby anymore, they are meaningful to me in so many ways because of what they mean to my clients at that time, but even more importantly what they will mean in the future for beautiful memories and extended family members, both present and future! Thank you Jenni! You're absolutely gorgeous and am so honored for this opportunity!