Me & My Fur-Babies

Josh and I have no kiddos of our own.... yet, but we do have fur-babies and they are spoiled! Yep, we are that couple who has inside dogs and they rule the house. If you're not into dogs, you're more than likely not a guest around the Cave Casa. However, for those who love us so much to visit anyway, we have a dog-free guest room. This means no dogs are allowed to enter the room, not even to hangout. I love our guest room, I might have to do post one that one someday. 

So for Mother's Day, I wanted ONE good picture with my babies. Rusty wasn't feel it that day, so I tried with BOTH pitbulls. It was a disaster, but a fun one. :)

This is my sweet Emilia girl. She's a little crazy, well a lot crazy, and she's my baby. I've never had a dog I've been so close to and who just gets me. We understand each other on so many levels, she's my kindred spirit for sure.