Truth Talk: Prioritization


Lets face it, I'm not the best at blogging. As with many things in my life, I have such great intention and so many ideas, but for some reason, I never actually make stuff happen, consistently. What is that about? 

The truth is, I'm working on finding out that reason and each day there seems to be a little more that's understood. Lately I've been doing a LOT of self healing. Reading self-help books (a genre I never wanted to admit to loving, but screw it, I do!), listening to motivational podcasts, finding peace in the stillness, pushing myself to be more social, and being intentional. It's almost hilarious to say at the ripe age of 35, I'm still working on finding myself. Isn't that something you're supposed to be doing when you're in your twenties? However, I'm not so sure if it's actually considered "finding myself" more so than perhaps a season of change. I believe like the weather, there are seasons in our life and twenty-something through early-thirties Janet, was all about getting my degree, getting married, getting THAT job,  getting a house, getting that car, getting all the things you're "supposed" to be getting to build this life that is the American Dream, to some. 

What I do understand about myself is, I am a person who's always looking for the next thing to do or get. Instead of appreciating what I have right now, what I have accomplished, and being intentionally present, I'm ready to work on the next item. Whether it's at work, my business, or personal life, it's an incessant hustle. Should I sign up for ANOTHER monthly subscription, invest in that photography course, apply for another position, be upgrading gadgets and home furnishings, updating Instagram more, invest here, spend money/time here, update this, update that, get better at this, get better at that? Yes, I believe it's important to have goals and work towards achieving them, but don't let that goal list get too large that it becomes overwhelming and ends up just being another daunting task list.

I've heard this quote several different ways, "We all have the same amount of time in a day, it's what we make time for that makes the difference." Or, "You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce." When I heard these quotes before, same message, different spin to each, here's what would come to my mind. To the first, I would say, "well yeah, but I have a daily job to attend to and we have to take care of the dogs, and all these other commitments, etc. etc." or  to the Beyonce added quote, I would have first said, "yeah, you're so right!" only for seconds later say, "but then again she has help! She has people to do the mundane stuff, she can afford to have her days packed with other things I can only dream to have time for. The reality is, it has nothing to do with Beyonce, or that I have a day job I have to attend to, or my dogs need to eat. This is MY life. What am I going to do with MY time? If I'm sitting here wishing and hoping for stuff to happen, hoping that checklist will complete itself, whining when stuff isn't happening, what am I doing to support this repetitive madness?

In the end, it's all about prioritization. What's important to you? How will you spend your time today, tomorrow, next week? What do you need to do to ensure that goal list receives a check mark next to a completed task? How do I ensure I am getting the most out of each and everyday, with a side of grace on the days you just need a good pool day with a cocktail in your hand, or Netflix and chill night with your hubby? Am I right? 

These photos were taken yesterday evening, uploaded to my computer, edited, and prepped for this post. I haven't done all of that in one day, in a LONG time. Actually, I don't think I've ever done all this after a long day at work! Look at me go! So now, will I sit here and commit being able to do this every day, every week? No. The only person who I'm committing to right now, is me. To do what I love to do when I want, and making sure I keep an eye on that goal list. Today, that was stylizing all these amazing pieces I have found over the years or have been gifted, in a way that makes me smile and proud of my work. All this to say, prioritization. ;)



P.S. Would you look at those plants? The African violet was a gift from my father-in-law, and the aloe was a gift from a shop owner in McKinney. I have to give mad props to my hubby for not only taking care of them so well, but also pushing me to take photos of them to treasure. <3



Plano West Senior - Grayson || Frisco & Legacy West

You guys!!! Hello! Hi! Hola! How are you? Thanks for sticking around if you’re still here. I’ll have to do a personal blog post soon on where I've been, but for now, I’m dying to share this session I did with Grayson from Plano West High School. Grayson is a natural in front of the camera and having been away my photography for surgery and recovery, this was the PERFECT shoot to help motivate and bring back my excitement in photography again. We took these one early September morning and it was glorious. We originally had Downtown McKinney on the list, but the business woman in me forgot to ensure it wouldn’t be in use for a weekend festival, since that place is always hopping. Well, of course with my luck, it was literally fenced in. I believe it was October-fest. After discussing with mom, dad, and Grayson, we decided to head to Frisco, but we for sure always had Legacy West on the list and I LOVED how this session turned out. 

I got so many compliments from friends and photog friends who saw the final product. Some thought we were at a styled condo, or downtown Dallas. Nope, this was just taken on a store patio, Frontgate. They were new in town and were excited to let us snap a few pics. We were there for about 5 mins because I didn’t want to interrupt their shoppers, so I made it count! I LOVE these photos. Grayson, can we do another shoot, just cause? 😎

Starbuck at Legacy West Plano

I had a photo shoot at the end of September and one of our locations was Legacy West. It was my first time to shoot here and I LOVED IT! When I arrived from traveling from our first location, I took a mini break and I stopped into this Starbucks, and WOW! I haven't seen this style of setup by Starbucks, but I loved it. Check it out. 

Also, loved that they use the Chemex. If you follow me on Instagram, I finally purchased one just over a year ago and it's my favorite weekend treat. Slow drop coffee is another level of goodness. It takes a little longer to make because of the hands on approach needed, so I continue to save it for weekend delight. If you haven't tried it, you should!